Thursday, February 19, 2009

Twilight Movie DVD Release Party

The Beautiful and Historic View Point Inn will be holding a Twilight Movie DVD release party on Saturday March 21st. You can watch the movie in the exact place where Bella and Edward danced the night away at the prom. The ticket price will include dinner (their food is to die for-literally) a non-alcoholic drink, a viewing of the movie on a large screen, and a special gift. So get your tickets now, I'm sure the event with be filling up quickly with the popularity of this site and the movie.

Twilight DVD Release Party

March 21st, 2009 6 PM

Come dine and celebrate the DVD release of the movie Twilight at the actual filming location for the Prom Scene and End of the movie.

Enjoy a multi-course twilight inspired meal, including the
famous eternal love cake.

Immediately after dinner, the DVD will premiere on a large screen set up in the same room where Bella and Edward danced at the prom.

Ticket cost is $50 per person and includes dinner, screening of the DVD, non-alcoholic beverages and a special gift. Please reserve your tickets now spaces are limited.

Please call 503-695-5811 for further details or e-mail

Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Twilight Locations Revealed

Over the next days before the movie comes out, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the Portland, Oregon locations that the movie Twilight was shot.

First let's look at the place used to recreate the Port Angels "Bella Italia" scene where Edward and Bella have their very first date.

For the movie a house in St. Helens that was being used as an office building was reconstucted into the resturant. But in the movie it is called "Bloated Toad" and looks like a funky little vintage resturant.

Here is what it looks like from a still of the movie

Here are the pictures I was able to take at the movie set (similar pictures were previously posted on TwilightMOMS).

And my favorite of all the menu of the Bloated Toad, which (ta, da) includes Mushroom Ravioli
Ah, I'm so excited for this movie to come out. Well, keeping with the Port Angeles theme. I will show you were the dress shop Bella, Lauren, and Jessica shop for their dance dresses (which Bella decided not to attend).

Oh, yeah. It's pretty exciting. I can't wait to see these sets on the big screen!
So, look for much more in the days to come. I have some amazing on-set action video that I was able to take of Rob Pattinson "running" to save Bella and I have the practice takes of Tyler's van crashing into Bella's truck. Good stuff. I also have many more pictures of locations from the movie.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Twilight Prom Location

Major Twilight Filming Location
The View Point Inn, Corbett, Oregon

I want to share one of the locations that will be used in the film Twilight coming out November 21, 2008. I got to vist the set of the movie while the prom scene was being shot. It was an amazing thing to see. The place is a beautiful and historic inn in the Columbia George between Oregon and Washington. It was the perfect setting for the romantic scene in the movie.

Real Extras during the Prom shoot at the View Point Inn

Before shooting began Robert Pattinson came into the kitchen where we were watching and asked if anyone knew how to tie his tie for him, sadley none of us did, but now I wish I would have given it a try. At least I could have looked into his golden eyes :-)

I recently got to spend some time at the Inn and at dinner with freinds there and spent the night it was an amazing experience that I recommend for any true Twiligh fan.

This is the kickin' room I got to stay in up at the Inn, amazing. And the food they have up there is do die for! Fun times with other Twilight fans.

Starting in November The View Point Inn will be offering some special Twilight related events. These are by reservation only and are filling up quickly. This may be a once in a life time to see the sets of Twilight recreated for you for one night and then seeing the movie at a local theater afterward.
I am providing a link to the events the Veiw Point Inn has planned for movie enthusiast.
You can contact them to find out the availablility for these events by calling them at (503) 695-5811 or by e-mailing them at They will be happy to accomodate any quest or questions you might have about events or making reservations for dinner or for an overnight stay.
You should also check out their picture gallery from the Twilight Shoot

इ plan on putting the entire Twilight Tour together here very soon which will include the description of the location and in most cases a picture before the shoot, then I will give brief directions and suggestions on how to see the sites in the shortest amount of time, and then I will explain what roll these places had in the movie and which scenes they were included in and in some cases ओं-set pictures.

This could be you standing just like I am on the real set of Twilight at the beautiful ballroom at the View Poin Inn.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Second encouter with Robert Pattinson

My Second Encounter with Robert Pattinson

This will be my first blog of hopefully many more to come at Leech Lovers. I know horrible name, but I have to say that I love the Vampires in Stephanie Meyer's famous Twilight Series. The Werewolves and Jacob were never even a close second in my book.

I had the lucky opportunity to meet a good portion of the cast, some of them more then once. Most of it happened by chance and dumb luck. I will explain more later in future blogs.

Right now I wanted to kick things off with a picture from the second time I met Edward aka Robert Pattinson. This was taken during the Prom shoot which took place in Corbett, Oregon and a beautiful place called The View Point Inn. I will be talking more about them and many of the other sites the movie was filmed at in Oregon and Washington. My goal is to eventually post a "Twilight Highlight Tour" so that fans of the movie can come to the area and have an organized and detailed description on where to go to see certain scenes from the movie. I may wait until after the movie is out to do this so that no spoilers are released.

I hope you enjoy the this first blog and the beautiful picture of Edward all decked out for the prom. The part that really makes me want to kick my self was that he asked me and my friend if either of us knew how to tie a tie (notice it's undone) and we both told the truth and said no. Duh, why didn't I pretend I knew and I could have fumbled around for a while all the while being inches from his face....oh sigh, I guess I need to learn to think quicker.