Thursday, October 30, 2008

Twilight Prom Location

Major Twilight Filming Location
The View Point Inn, Corbett, Oregon

I want to share one of the locations that will be used in the film Twilight coming out November 21, 2008. I got to vist the set of the movie while the prom scene was being shot. It was an amazing thing to see. The place is a beautiful and historic inn in the Columbia George between Oregon and Washington. It was the perfect setting for the romantic scene in the movie.

Real Extras during the Prom shoot at the View Point Inn

Before shooting began Robert Pattinson came into the kitchen where we were watching and asked if anyone knew how to tie his tie for him, sadley none of us did, but now I wish I would have given it a try. At least I could have looked into his golden eyes :-)

I recently got to spend some time at the Inn and at dinner with freinds there and spent the night it was an amazing experience that I recommend for any true Twiligh fan.

This is the kickin' room I got to stay in up at the Inn, amazing. And the food they have up there is do die for! Fun times with other Twilight fans.

Starting in November The View Point Inn will be offering some special Twilight related events. These are by reservation only and are filling up quickly. This may be a once in a life time to see the sets of Twilight recreated for you for one night and then seeing the movie at a local theater afterward.
I am providing a link to the events the Veiw Point Inn has planned for movie enthusiast.
You can contact them to find out the availablility for these events by calling them at (503) 695-5811 or by e-mailing them at They will be happy to accomodate any quest or questions you might have about events or making reservations for dinner or for an overnight stay.
You should also check out their picture gallery from the Twilight Shoot

इ plan on putting the entire Twilight Tour together here very soon which will include the description of the location and in most cases a picture before the shoot, then I will give brief directions and suggestions on how to see the sites in the shortest amount of time, and then I will explain what roll these places had in the movie and which scenes they were included in and in some cases ओं-set pictures.

This could be you standing just like I am on the real set of Twilight at the beautiful ballroom at the View Poin Inn.

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twilightsizzle said...

Yes - people should go there if they live in the Portland area! And if they don't, they should go to the website

This beautiful historic building just had a fire that wiped out most of their kitchen, and they really need fans to buy Twilight items, or donate to the inn to save the prom scene! If every Twilight fan donated just $1, it would make a world of difference for this place.